Getting to Anguilla

Anguilla and its 35 square miles of tranquility wrapped in blue is the most northerly of the Eastern islands at eighteen degrees north and sixty three degrees west. It is approximately fifteen minutes aways from St. Barthelemy (St. Barths), twenty five minutes from St Martin and just one hour from Puerto Rico. Bella Blu Resort is located in one of the island’s tourist haven’s, West End village. Once you have arrived to the island Bella Blu Resort is approximately twenty minutes from the Anguilla Ferry Terminal in Blowing Point and thirty minutes from the Clayton J Lloyd Airport.

Transport to Anguilla

  • Transport from St. Barth’s

To be transferred to Anguilla from St. Barth’s you would have to book a fifteen minute chartered flight.

  • Transport from St. Martin/ St. Maarten

You have the option of travelling to Anguilla from Princess Juliana Airport in Dutch St Maarten via private or public boat service.

The private boat service is catered by several charter boats who provide a shuttle service from the airport to the lagoon located nearby in Dutch, St. Maarten.  It is recommended that you pre-book as there is a maximum of 12 passenger per boat. The lagoon dock operates between the hours of 8:30 am to 6:00 pm daily.

On the other hand, if you wish to catch the public service Ferry in French St. Martin, you would be transported via a taxi where you will catch one of those boats. The boats operate on a forty five minute schedule commencing from 8:15 am daily to 7:00 pm. NO reservations are required.

  • Transport from Puerto Rico

You may travel directly to Anguilla via Seaborne Airlines or Air Antilles or you may be simply connecting a flight with onward travel to St Maarten’s princess Juliana airport where you may use one of the services described above in regards to the boat services.


Anguilla Beaches

Perfectly surrounded by 33 of the most breath taking beaches in the world, Anguilla invites you to come and witness why we were voted best beaches in the world by The Travel Channel.  Bella Blue Resort is ideally located on the beachfront of Mead Bay beach. Its powder white sand and crystal blue clear waters are your backyard for your entire vacation.

Bella Blu is more than just your home away from home…For the Sea Lover there is fantastic snorkeling, kiteboarding, windsurfing, water skiing, tubing, banana boat rides and catamarans.  But, what if I’m not a water activity person? No need to worry, there is plenty for you to indulge in as well. Imagine if you can receiving a massage on the beach, to the melodious sounds of the crashing waves? Or how about dinner under the stars with the quaint aromas of the ocean as it thrusts back and forth on the sea shore. Yes! Our beaches can be all that and more.

Our beaches are easily accessible and easy to find, whether you are just sightseeing or perusing around to grab a bite to eat. All of our beaches are complimented by restaurants and bars serving a variety of cuisines specializing in delectable and freshly caught seafood from our very own fishermen.

Be sure to walk with your camera so you can capture every moment!


About Anguilla

Culture and History As early as the 1600’s Anguilla was discovered by Amerindians who migrated from South America. On their quest of discovery The Arawak’s, one of the Amerindian tribes discovered two caves which are two of Anguilla’s historical most prestige historical today, Namely, The Big Springs in Island Harbour and The Fountain at Shoal Bay. Today these are all must see attractions you should definitely pencil into your calendar. By the 1900’s, The Federation of the West Indies that embodied St. Kitts, Nevis, Anguilla and other islands collapsed. While the other islands formed individual constitutions, Anguilla, St. Kitts, and Nevis were made an Associated Statehood. This evoked feelings of bondage, within the Anguillans. As a result, Anguillans fought for their independence and on May 30, 1967 they were successful in doing so. Today, It is titled Anguilla day, one highly decorated and celebrated by its people in unity, love and prosperity.  Location/Weather Anguilla is the Rainbow City of the Caribbean. While our hurricane season spans from July through November, the weather throughout the year is mostly sunshine from the end of January to early November, and a bit more chilly form late November to early January. We may be small in size but we have created a big reputation for ourselves. Honing awards of the best beaches in the world, one of which Bella Blu boastfully aligns the shores of, Meads Bay, best resorts in the world and the list goes on. Neighboring the popular islands of St Martin/ St. Maarten and St Barths, Anguilla is yours to discover! You can literally drive from one tip of the island to the next in a half hour. The island has few hills and no mountains, hence it is flat in nature. The off roads are not very in depth so your chance of getting lost are slim to none. And even if you do there will be a friendly hand waiting to direct you. Visit us today. There is no time like the present! People Anguillans are very cultural, hardworking and friendly. On our island we love to indulge in celebrations of mass known as Carnival, and Festival Del Mar. We have a lot of highly esteemed entrepreneurs and we dedicate most of our time and attention to the tourism industry as it is our main industry. We share a respect for God, communities and families and come together throughout the year to indulge in village festivities such as Welches Fest and West Fest. Should you visit Bella Blu Resort in the summer at the beginning of August you are sure to experience our culture first hand. West Fest is indigenous to West End Village, you will witness first hand and first class, boat racing competitions, local and international displays of talent all from the your private balcony at Bella Blu Resort. Come and make mass with us! Our home is your home, once you visit more than once you are Anguillan!

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